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Basic Search

Ordinary search requests are handled in a conjunctive way; only documents that contain all words from your search request are shown. The more words you put in your search request, the more precise the search becomes, and as such you generally receive fewer search results. Various query operators allow you to narrow down or widen the breadth of your query with precision.

movie star

Searches for documents containing both movie and star. Preference is given to documents where the two words are found close together.

Word Stemming

When a search query has two or more words, word stemming is automatically applied. The advantage of word stemming is that a search also finds the variants of a word such as plural/singular and verb conjugations. Word stemming is not enabled by default. To enable word stemming, you can use the "word stemming" search method in the advanced query dialog, or make word stemming your default search method in the user preferences dialog.

movie stars

This search is the equivalent to making the same query with both the singular and plural of star.

Phonetic Search

"Phonetic search" widens the query to all words which sound like the search terms. This is useful for instance to search for people's names or scientific terms whose spelling is not obvious.

movy staar

If "phonetic search" is enabled, the search will find movie star (spelled correctly).
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